Erotism has ratings and 77 reviews. Tyler said: You won’t stick your hand down your bathing suit ever again after reading this. Bataille will see t. 1 Erotism: Death and Sensuality: by Georges Bataille Outline by Philip Turetzky, [email protected] Part One: TABOO AND TRANSGRESSION Introduction. MYSTICAL EROTICISM IN BATAILLE, MILLER, AND IKKYŪ. Thesis. Submitted to . The College of Arts and Sciences of the. UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON. In Partial.

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Erotism – Georges Bataille – Google Books

Bataille will see to that. Throughout Eroticism one senses the suppressed and distant noises of a titanic battle between Nietzsche and Hegel.

Retrieved 27 August Jul 30, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: However, he quit, apparently in part in order to pursue an occupation where he could eventually support his mother. Therese to Claude Levi-Strauss and Dr.

The investigation of early religion and the relationship between religious and sexual experiences sets the stage for an understanding of Bataille’s project, its relation to sacrifice and mystical experience. Also the part he criticized the Kinsey reports and how they observed Picked this one cause of the title. Indeed, I’ve known a few, even dated a one, who intentionally transgressed taboos of various kinds, but none to the point of physically hurting anybody or even writing as if to encourage such practices.


Wainhouse, London,p. Taboos are a litigal-religious necessity for policing the boundaries of violence, ugliness, decay, excrement and crucially death. For instance, he writes critically of Alfred Kinsey ‘s Sexual Behavior In The Human Male, Volume 2which came out only three years before Bataille wrote t Employing structuralist-anthropological categories like the taboo and transgression, and existential categories like anguish, nausea and horror, this philosophical work on human sexuality analyzes eroticism in terms of violence, religion and death.

Bataille breaks down concepts that are at once elemental yet complex — For example, “continuity” versus “discontinuity”. From the inside of any hygienically constituted discipline, Bataille is a transgression which shores up the norm. But that is merely the surface: Kinsey; and the subjects he covers include prostitution, mythical ecstasy, cruelty, and organized war. Contradictions exist within the space of a sentence in this work. This book is a very useful resource for anyone seeking research on how eroticism links with death, either from a literary perspective or a psychological one.

After the war he composed The Accursed Sharewhich he said represented thirty years’ work. As a young man, he befriended, and was much influenced by, the Russian existentialist, Lev Shestov.

Erotism: Death and Sensuality

It completely freaked out the World Religions class. The other discusses the Kinsey reports, both their value and the degree to which they missed the mark about human sexuality. Religion for its part transforms transgression into eerotism. We want to feel as remote from the world as we can.

Georges Bataille

Ripercorre tutto, dalla preistoria sino ad oggi stesso. Oct 17, Tyler rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The subject matter, by itself, is brutally real. Also the part he criticized the Kinsey reports and how they observed human sexuality.


He wavers as to whether even this constricted eroticism is disgusting or not, but reaches no final verdict. Index Outline Category Portal.

While reading “Erotism” I asked myself the question: Enter the most annoying pitfall of amateur theory: I will simply state, without waiting further, that the extension of economic growth itself requires the overturning of economic principles—the overturning of the ethics that grounds them. I’d say skip this one.

Written from the bourgeois-male perspective, many of the references to the working classes come across as condescending or thoughtless. But his programme is self-avowedly impossible. Peligro rated it it was amazing.

Although brought up without religious observance, he converted to Catholicism inand became a devout Catholic for about nine years. Hence my claim that Eroticism is a difficult text despite its deceptively straightforward and conversational tone. Well, although I found tidbits of interest herein, I did not c Oh, those French!