David said: At first I really loved Stendhal’s essays on Love. Del amor o “De l’ amour” en francés es una obra muy particular de Stendhal, según algunos una. Title, Ernestina ou as 7 fases do amor. Colares literatura. Author, Stendhal. Publisher, Colares Editora, ISBN, , Length, De la cual se deduce que el amor es una operación psíquica eminentemente subjetiva, en la que el enamorado proyecta sobre el ser amado una creciente.

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I call passion only what has stood the test of protracted misfortunes of a kind carefully avoided by novels, and which indeed novels cannot convey. Probably not, I’m a veteran of wedding singles tables, and anyway the closest I’ve had to a long term relationship is with the “Romantic Comedies” listing on my Netflix account.

It alone is deemed worthy of the name. There are 4 different kinds of love: He begins to find her charming, it enters his head that she might be loved, and a week later he is living in hope. The pleasures of private life ought to be augmented to an infinite degree by recurrent exposure to danger, as was the essence of the life of the Middle Ages.

He offers no practical lessons but rather extravagant literary exercises.

Jealousy desires the death of the rival it fears. Many people will think themselves offended; I hope they will read no further.

After the fall of Napoleon, he retired to Italy, adopted his pseudonym and started to write books on Italian painting, Haydn and Mozart, and travels in Italy. Have six months of your life ever been made miserable by love? Selected pages Title Page. Stendhal offers a view of love which is compelling, and which is complete, though one which is only a view.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. In France, great passions are as rare as great men – Meilhan Love is an exquisite flower, but it needs courage to pluck it on the brink of a dreadful precipice. Preview — Love by Stendhal. I think do amor stendhal understanding of some of the themes would have been enhanced by a more thorough understanding of 19th Century Do amor stendhal literature and poetry.


Is it dl reading the prefaces and the fragments? Every man of distinction was of the beginning of his life either absurdly fanatical or else dogged by misfortune. Maybe a bit stereotypical, but definitely some truths in his observations! Published August 28th by Penguin Classics first published By the end of the Fragments, you feel like you have just experienced the social history of stendhql Napoleanic Generation.

Concerning the Love-Life of Nations – France Frenchwomen, schooled by charming Frenchmen who have nothing to offer but vanity and physical desires, are less active, less energetic, less feared and above all, less loved and less powerful than Spanish or Italian women.

Intense though reasonable srendhal deepens the sense of isolation and doubles the appeal of intimacy. When the heart hurts he ‘finds consolation in a beautiful view of the sea. Stendhal’s heroes are sensitive, emotional individuals who are in conflict with the society in which they live, yet they have the intelligence and detachment to analyze their society and its faults. Reading this book I came to the conlusion that love is universal, but each individual experiences it different and therefore the explanations are divers.


Also the perspective was only from one side.

Love by Stendhal

England No one could be fo than the young Italians; movement, which might blunt their sensibility, they find tiresome. Most of his life was spent as a political correspondent, but he managed to fit in quite a bit of writing on his own behalf — mostly lives of musicians and travel books. On the other hand, the stupidest of all their gloomy conceptions, the spirit of dignity, has come among us to replace French gaiety, which is hardly to be found anywhere now except in the suburban ballrooms round Paris, or in the Midi, south of Bordeaux.

In the end, you overrate wildly, and regard her as something fallen from Heaven, unknown as yet, but certain to be yours.

If you are an aspiring writer of anythingthis would be a great book to study. So that are combined with another title.

His stendjal of death is instantly changed into that of the cross of the Legion of Honour. A stern resolve at once changes the direst misfortune into something bearable.

One of the great French novelists of the nineteenth century, Stendhal describes his unhappy youth with sensitivity and intelligence in his autobiographical novel The Life of Henri Brulard, written in and but published in Therefore, Stendhal left home as soon as he could.

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