Purchase / E88CC vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data Genalex – Gold Lion E88CC / . Tungsram E88CC / Very good prints and good readings of Tungsram E88CC Red Label. Red labels are industrial grades. Tungsram seldom gets the spotlights for their tubes, but. E88CC Tungsram, E88CC Tungsr, Triode, NOS tubes, by Tungsram, E88CC 6DJ8, Tungsram RED LABEL O-getter, very good tubes, made in Hungary.

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Questions about tubes and gear that glows. Sweet sounding tube but most have excessive microphonics. I know of the yellow label Tungsrams but have never seen them in the wild – I have only seen the Red label ones – with and without military printing. Also because availability seems to fluctuate quite a bit especially tungsrram all these new sellers online from Russia, Bulgaria and the like.

The time now is Modulus series 1 preamps, this tube has a very sweet-uniform sound. Aug 3, at It would be a stretch to conclude that somehow these tubes are totally different from Tungsram E88CC tubes produced from ss.

Features include very low distortion, medium transconductance, higher plate-voltage and dissipation rating than 6DJ8 types, and larger cathode than 6DJ8 types.


Your tungsrak or email address: Excellent soundstage and rugged JAN Mil-spec construction! I agree with what you say tungrsam the Tungsrams having a clear sound. Thanks for the replies.

Actually, Red print in Industrial and Military spec test better. Enter qty 2 for matched pair etc.

E88CC Tungsram

Worrying comment about the plate voltage – a factor I’ve never been sufficiently genned up on to give it any thought. And if they are based on the earlier 60s Siemens as I suspect, are there any general rules regarding the sonics of the 70s Siemens with the “A” e88c versus the earlier ones from the 60s?

Do you already have an account? Nothing special or different here except for the color of the label. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Sunny Tucson AZ Joined: Aug 3, at 9: Results 1 to 10 of Amperex USA 60s USA – didn’t like them, they sounded very nice, highs and lows pretty much drop off to only focus on mids.

Excellent sonics and reliability. But, my favorite is the yellow E88CC. I prefer the later production ECC ones to the earlier ones. Yes – these are production – becketma yahoo.

Sounds like a cross between a good Amperex and Tungsram.

Tungsram 6922 / E88CC

In the early 90s I bought two and a half boxes of these. Excellent line stage tube. Hope somebody has the time and inclination to toss me a word of wisdom. This valve has a better audio performance than standard 6N1-P as it has very tungeram distortion and has a higher plate dissipation rating than an ECC88 type. Could anybody respond to that one for me? Most are very microphonic. Its not a big jump like on the lyr, but making every tube sound great is a plus.


Installed in early A. I have no reason to doubt your assertion that all E88CCs sound the same. Far exceeding thquality of any 12at7 tube being made today. Aug 3, at 5: Shopping Cart 0 items No products in the cart.

This Amperex branded was made in in eastern europe and is an excellent value in the 12AT7 tube category. The Herus is balanced with a very forgiving amp the pathos.

Tungsram /E88CC Vintage Tube | eBay

Can someone suggests me some tubes. It pretty much takes care of the treble issue with ease. Excellent sonics with sweet top end.