The First Complete English Translation which is NOT ABRIDGED The Revival of the Religions Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din) is widely regarded as one of the. The present translation is an attempt to bring out a complete translation of Ihya in English in four Books. The first book deals with worship and divine service, the. All books are in English. Tip: Use the Find tool (press ‘Ctrl+F’ on your keyboard) to Ihya Ulumuddin, Vol. 1: Worship. Imam al Ghazali. Ihya Ulumuddin, Vol.

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Seeing them, others also become guides to good and the people follow them. What was compulsory on them at ijya time was fulfilled. At the time of the death of Ghazzali’s father, he entrusted the education of his two sons Muhammad and Ahmad to one of his trusted friends.

When it was brought, he lifted it up to his eyes and said: The masterpiece of Imam al-Ghazali, unquestionably one of the greatest thinkers and theologians of Islam. He committed to memory the whole book Ihya. Administration is divided into four classes. He knows best who fears Him It purifies secret faults and takes to God.

When the ruler was assassinated by an assassin, he gave up the post and went to Tas and closetted himself in ihga khankah. The englisb will then say: It is like a mirror through which one can see clearly everything that falls on it if is cleared of all impurities therein.

Many students of the Imam committed it to memory. One who falls in it gets punishement in the world. ITS description Book For this reason, experienced and expert men are necessary to run the government.


Word file English Translation by N. Prayer is observed by outward organs and as outward purity is not gained except by outward organs, so worship by mind, the fountain head of acquisition of knowledge, cannot be attained without the removal of bad habits and evil attributes. The first source is the Quran and the second is the Sunnah.

The science of practical religion are of two. Abu Taleb Makki said that it is the knowledge about the five pillars of Islam.

In reply, it may be said that Fiqh gives decision about the following matters of religion – Islam, Prayer, Zakat, Halal and Haram. The people asked Imam Shafeyi: In it and ejglish other works of his as Fatihal-al-Ulutn, Tahafut of Falasifah, Iqtisad fi-al-Itiqad, orthodox speculation reached its culminating point. A debater is never free from envy and hatred.

So on and so forth. I have turned my face towards One who created the heavens and the earth, but he really does not turn his heart towards God and begins the day with a lie.

If the word excellence is not understood, it is not possible to know the excellence of other thing. Go and buy with this money a house. He gives wisdom whom He wishes Whoever has been given wisdom has been ulumuddon a great good Does not a sick man die for want of food, drink and medicine? Every one has got some persons who love him and some who hate him.

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In his advanced age, the Imam was not a blind follower of sects but followed his independent thinking and as such indirectly created a sect of his own. ILM is the science of religion, the science of the knowledge of God and His verses. This points out to the result of Fiqh. The word Hakim derived from the word Hikmat is now used in the case of physicians, astrologers and those who tell the future of the people by examining hands, but God says about the word Hikmat wisdom: English translation by K.


He who does all these things earns it according to his fate and not to his efforts, but there is no escape from efforts as efforts are the only keys of guidance and there is no other key.

sufism – Are authentic English translations of Ihya Ulum-al-deen available? – Islam Stack Exchange

In other words, learning takes a man to the limit of humanity from englsih limit of animality. I am not fit for this post. When he recovered he began to say: Knowledge is divided into three parts.

The wise man knows that the sun, the moon and the stars are subjects to the commands of God. Regarding his asceticism, Rabiy-b-Asem said: There are about twenty different groups in this matter.


Knowledge is not acquired through much learning. O Prophet of God, which action is best? Say, God is sufficient as a witness between me and you and those who have got knowledge of the Quran –