The IPC/WHMA-A Standard Revision C remains the only industry-consensus standard for Requirements and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness. 1 Feb IPC A Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness, IPC A- C PDF download acceptability criteria for cable. IPC/WHMA-A Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.

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Course Length Initial Certification: These files are being made available to update existing training PowerPoints in each of the indicated courses with typographical and other editorial corrections for each course. Back to top of page. The slides in the downloadable Zip files are the complete, module Policy and Procedure modules.

Updates to Training Materials for Amendments These files are being made available to update existing training PowerPoints in each of the indicated courses with the changes in the Amendments for each course. Instructor certification and re-certification training is conducted primarily at IPC Authorized Training Centers but may be conducted by the training center at company facilities. Click on the link for the desired course. Before certification expires, the student must either return for a retraining class or challenge test.

Because of multiple parameters outside of IPC’s control: Primarily this applies to Operators, Inspectors, and Technicians. Program Benefits Certification demonstrates commitment to customer requirements and greatly facilitates certification to ISO Certification or other quality assurance initiatives. After a successful course completion, the student will be certified to work under contracts requiring IPC-A commercial hardware Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 3 day – lecture only.


If a CIT wishes to teach the hands-on projects, the CIT would need to complete the extra, 1-day course and complete all the requirements of the projects. Revision C materials are not yet available.

Available only for CIS upon demand. By having earned this portable credential, you’ll receive immediate recognition, legitimacy and value throughout the electronics industry.

Space addendum for C course materials are available! To use the files: Printing a test copy on a blank piece of paper first. Translated Training Materials Translated training materials for this program are ipc/wha-a-620b. Not all modules have updated slides.

Additional languages are continuously being added. The following downloads apply to revision B of the Space addendum.

The certificate received by the student is a valid certificate which is traceable to a Master IPC Trainer. Verify the correct alignment on another blank sheet Print the verified version on the certificate. Certified IPC Trainer candidates are sent by their parent ipc/whma-a-260b to receive intensive training and are then certified to provide Application Ipc/whma-a–620b training. An optional eight-hour hands-on course is available.

We look forward to serving your training needs! Please contact our registrar to schedule a challenge test.

IPC/WHMA A – NMTTC East – NASA’s East Coast Workmanship Training Center

Revision C, developed by task group members from user and supplier companies, represents a consensus among industry leaders. Crimp Terminations Module 3: The NEW AC optional hands-on training has been ipc/whma–620b to help users become familiar with the basics of cable and wire harness fabrication. The slides are intended to be used with revision 6 of the Policy and Procedures document.


There are an additional 5 day hands-on training. Edit your existing full training course PowerPoint files to replace the existing training slides in each included module as appropriate. Soldered Terminations Module 4: Adjust for any alignment issues on the Word doc.

However, it may also apply to Management, Engineers, Quality Personnel, Auditors, or any other position which may incorporate the document.

To use the files:. These criteria are supported by full-color illustrations. This course is split up into 8 modules: More than 20, A Application Specialists have been trained. Certified IPC Trainers will participate in a week-long program that has 29 instructional hours. These files are being made available to update existing training PowerPoints in each of the indicated courses with the changes in the Amendments for each course.

Classes of products are defined and include criteria for Target, Acceptable, Process Indicator and Defect conditions to support the collection of visual quality acceptability ipc/whma-a-620n for each class.

Ip/cwhma-a-620b your existing full training course PowerPoint files to include or replace the existing training slides as appropriate. Certification is not revision specific.