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What am I missing here? It also has a lot of just interesting stories about how and why he did this that or the other. Author “Pet Loads” I have one of his books next to me now. You can make a quick test to prove this to yourself.

Ken Waters Pet Loads – Shooters Forum

My set is 3rd additionwatfrs I gave away my edition and have not missed it. I still use a copyright loading manual for some of the same reasons.

But, It is weighted to the more popular cartridges still, its a lot of them at pages. I’ve repeated his excellent results with the. Scrape of the pft with a square edged instrument and divide propellent weight by case volume; third grade math.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I was one of the early adopters when it first became available through NECO.


Ken Waters’ Pet Loads From Handloader Book 8th Edition

I have about a half dozen other scales of which I will not elaborate. Winchester brass is usally the toughest so measuerments will be less while Federal is fairly soft and eaters show pressure signs much faster. I refer to my 8th edition regularly. The only constraint is that the weight units used in the VMD factory have to be the same as you are weighing the charge in.

Ken Waters’ Pet Loads from Handloader

I finally settled on a load of Unique from a late s early s Waaters IIRCand stuck with a middle of the road lpads that was supposed to give about feet per second with the 90ish grain lead bullet I was using.

I wanted something close to grains, and this is what I had about. I am seating on the cannelure, and QL and my calipers give me a seating dept of approximately 0. Some years ago, a friend of mine loaded one of Water’s loads in. In that instance your conversion is in error and the correct conversion from 0.

The units are volume per weight, as I said before, where density is weight per volume, whatever unit system you are using. Typically, peak pressure goes up very roughly as the cube of the change in velocity. It’s pretty interesting and entertaining to read it. The time now is Share Share this post on Digg Del. By TheLom in forum Pennsylvania. As I say they ke not worthwhile.


This, however, adds to the fun and excitement of handloading, attempting to duplicate the peg obtained with, and with newer, more temperature-stabile powders. Little articles like “Heavier is Not Always Better” were quite illuminating and though provoking.

Pet Loads The Complete Volume by Ken Waters | eBay

This goes on in some measure until the expanding muzzle blast is no longer expanding faster than the bullet at the bullet’s location. It is easy enjoyable reading. Yes, Its my favorite cartridge for a Contender Pistol. Really good information, a warers update would be nice though.

Dean Langley added it Nov 27, I’d read one of the articles and tell myself, “I gotta get me one of those. MT Gianni Registered User. Ken Waters has passed.