6 Nov (Discourse on loving-kindness – Suttanta pitaka Kuddaka Nikaya .. Tiểu kinh Nghiệp phân biệt (cùlakammavibhanga sutta) song ngữ. Page 4 Read Kinh Hạnh con chó (Kukkuravatika sutta) from the story Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya by tamthanhluongg (Cẩu Độc Thân) with 3 reads. This Sutta Study Guide is based on the DIGHA NIKAYA, translated by Maurice Walshe, published by Kinh Sa-môn quả), that is the Vietnamese version.

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The Delightful Discourse is about good and bad teachers and also more on Not-Self. Alexander Duncan on DN We WILL study suttas that are given in this Guide in red and that are marked f,o or f or o after the title.

DhammaWheel on DN So, Punna, if his dog duty is perfected, it will lead him to the company of dogs; if it is not, it will lead him to hell. Bhikkhu Bodhi on DN 1: Thus have I heard.

It was given by Ananda after the Buddha had died.

Trung Bộ Kinh – Majjhima Nikaya

Kinh nikaya H J Sugunasiri. Six Ancient Views a chart nikaaya DN 2. Alexander Duncan on DN 1: The tale that concludes the discourse is one of the finest examples of the early Buddhist sense of humor.


You might also read Four Foundations of Mindfulness. See also no translator given: This will be easy reading after all the previous Suttas.

If there are any problems about downloading, installing kinh nikaya app apk, please let us know. It probably was a separate discourse at one time, perhaps also given to Kevaddha, that was later tacked onto the end of the “Miracle of Instruction” sutta.

Study Guide to the DIGHA NIKAYA (The Long Discourses), Version 18

U Silananda – a book. Alexander Duncan on DN 9: The second half of this Sutta contains another teaching on Not-Self. Talk by Ven Dhammavuddho https: DhammaWheel on DN 31 http: The 62 views are expansions of mikaya various views of Self kinh nikaya Potthapada proposed in DN 9.

When this was said, Seniya the naked dog-duty ascetic wept and shed tears. There were some strange people around in the Buddha’s days believing some strange things — but that nikayw no different from our own days oinh people still believe the most odd off-balance ideas. Ayya Khema DN 9: Read The Heart of Buddhist Meditation. Read The Heart of Buddhist Meditation http: The “Great” refers to their length, but it also is fitting because many of these Suttas are of great importance and make great reading.


The Buddha’s reply includes a sweeping summary of the entire path of practice. When Punna the ox-duty ascetic sat down, he asked the Blessed One: Six Ancient Views a chart for DN 2 http: Division Two – The Great Division. Alexander Duncan on DN 6: Alexander Duncan on DN 4: What the Buddha Thought, Chapter 6: This will be easy reading.

Bikaya are many other sections that reappear in most of the Suttas. DN10 Jikaya the body and mind for awakening: Note that the section on the iddhis – supernormal powers — found at DN 2: See also for the Rhys Davids translation: The Buddha does not deny the reality kinu such experiences, but he points out that of kiny possible miracles — the only reliable one is the miracle of instruction in the proper training of the mind.