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NwAvGuy August 19, at 7: NwAvGuy May 18, at The easy way to measure it is to record the DC power being consumed and subtract the AC audio power being delivered to the load.

lm spice datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Would using only one defeat the purpose of lmm4580 buffer? They have no way to test they got it right. Anonymous September 8, at Just one question datasyeet some time ago I came across the NJM in the DigiKey catalog, and the description said “noiseless”.

Any of those can make it sound different. NwAvGuy June 11, at 1: With reactive loads, the voltage drop across the resistor will be out of phase with the output of the amplifier.

Datasheet archive on 20-11-2006

NwAvGuy August 18, at 9: In other words, if you stick a volume control in front of a buffer, and turn down the volume, an op amp with better CMRR may well outperform one with lesser CMRR. This article is all about measuring the results and putting some facts around the differences between op amps in a typical audio application.


Beyond that it mostly comes down to the specs and here are the highlights:. Phase reversal is unacceptable in this application. You can partly blame the Difet process for the OPA’s high price. The O2 is a low impedance application and the current noise will likely dominate but both have to be considered along with the Johnson noise. My perpetual motion machine uses one.

NwAvGuy: Op Amp Measurements

The only concern is lm4508 increasing THD with low impedance, which I can’t really visualize because your graph only graphs 15ohm and ohm, which have a 10x difference; pretty substantial. Anonymous March 24, at 1: The JRC is stable in the gain stage of the O2 at datwsheet. This can be hard to figure out from many datasheets.

A lot of op amps fail here—especially low power versions. For Colpitz oscillator design, a Spice model structure is given for fig.

So, to summarize, if you’re using an op amp within its design criteria, and it’s designed for high performance audio use, and especially if you’re not sharing channels within an op amp, it’s unlikely the package will make any measurable or audible difference.

Anonymous August 19, at Of course even if you measured everything else under the sun they’d still tell you either that something else mystical and unmeasurable was causing the differences they can only hear sighted or that the high-speed opamp they put in a circuit that makes it unstable is more actually “musical”.

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FLAudioGuy November 5, at 2: The only thing that would cause a problem would be high frequency instability might cause datashee rising HF response. My question is 1.

I will confess to being quite interested to see how well the OPA performs vs the other OpAmps in the article NwAvGuy October 20, at 2: And even then Johnson noise could still dominate so both would perform roughly the same. I’d love to have Mr AMB step up to a blind test! The measurement is at the headphone output into ohms at full volume. Since this is project is aimed for portability and low power consumption, the less current it draws, the better.

【LM4580 NSC】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

A complete op amp survey is at least several full weeks worth of work. SPICE model from the ground-up for simulation is esoteric and often time consuming.

If you haven’t already, you might want to read up on my comments in the O2 Design and O2 Details articles on the With 12 volt supply rails as used in the O2 the beats the NE which is also consistent with my measurements.

But higher GBW usually means more power drain and possibly less stability.